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Great app!

This app is amazing! I learned more about elk talk from this app than the last 10 years in the field. It really put a lot of the missing pieces of the elk calling puzzle together and I’ve immediately had success in the elk woods using the Elk Nut tactics. Thanks so much!

Excellent App!!

Great app that has everything you need for elk calling. This app is well worth it.

Well done

Very impressed with how easy this is to navigate. Just got done downloading the app & it’s a breeze learning to navigate through the different pages and screens. Awesome content and very informative. Plan on using these tips for my 1st elk hunt in Idaho this season. Thanks Paul sr. , Paul jr , and the rest of the crew!

Absolute must-have app

For Paul and crew to sell this at such an inexpensive price is nothing less than charity for the elk hunting community. The app should easily cost 10x as much. Just buy it and use it. You will become a better elk hunter.

This App is Awesome

Super informative and helpful!!


I wasn't aware there was an app until I watch Paul's seminar on YouTube. This thing is great! It's two months before the season and I am jonesing to elk hunt. I love how the side by side comparison of real elk calling with Paul demonstrating the call(s). I haven't even begun to delve into what this app has to offer. The little I've discovered so far, this is a handy educational tool in your elk hunting tool belt. Nicely done Paul!

Worth way more than $5!

Simply world class knowledge. 2017 season my hunting partner brought in an elk with what we learned here. Furthermore, and I feel the most important part, was we now were beginning to understand what was actually being said! This app is great for teaching you to call and understand situations. It also broadens your overall knowledge of Elk that proves very valuable in the field. An educated Hunter is a dangerous one! Paul is a true inspiration and we are very blessed that he chose to offer up such a wealth of info. Thanks!

Extremely Impressed

I just want to say how impressed I am with, not just Paul’s knowledge and experience, but with his willingness to help hunters learn how to become students of elk hunting. For $4.99 this app is a no brainer for any elk hunter wanting to become better at their craft. Elk hunting has never made more sense to me. I successfully called in a bull for a buddy in 2016 and it was really cool, but other than knowing how to cow call well I was clueless on what the bull was actually saying when he hung up at 184 yards in an open meadow. He kept nervous grunting and I was fascinated by the sound, but didn’t understand it. Now I understand what he was saying and why he hung up. I love the sequences, tactics, tips sections, videos, ability to record myself and compare my sounds to real elk and ElkNut sounds. To put it simply there is nothing else like this anywhere out there. It’s is cutting edge and worth it’s weight in gold to all elk hunters, even seasoned guys. Ever since I heard Paul’s podcasts I’ve been hooked. You guys rock. I wish it was fall right now!!! Your willingness to help people is very admirable. Get this app, you won’t be sorry!

Limitless Opportunity

OK. You can’t get this kind of information at your fingertips anywhere else for $5. If you’re paying $6 for a Mountain House, do yourself the favor and get this App. I can’t believe how much information and now even interactive ability there is. Including recording yourself calling to see how you really sound in comparison, rather than how you “think” you sound. I always worry I don’t sound that good, you know what I mean, you make a call and think, boy, I am just not sure. Now you know. Take your phone out in the woods for a walk if you can. Set it a few feet away so you get that woodsy echo and make it real! Thanks for making an amazing app. This is the most important tool you can use. Nothing else compares. If you can make it there because you’re conditioned, and you have the hunting implement tuned and are accurate, and you can sleep in the outdoors, and have your food down pat and are ready, it all means nothing if you can’t call. You’re just on a camping trip. Do yourself the favor. Buy it. Guaranteed you’ll never regret it.

Awesome info

This app rocks. So much information and awesome that you can use this in the woods


This app is great for the newest of hunters to those who have been hunting for years! Super informative and accurate.


Listen to this app every day during drive time. The slight differences in the pitch and tones was something I had never picked up on before. Being able to hear Paul and a real elk is amazing. Worth ever penny.


Your knowledge shared to Cody Rich has played on my commute to work about a dozen times. So very knowledgeable. The Elk nut app is awesome , affordable and is helping me greatly. Fantastic !

New favorite app

$4.99 well spent. I’ll be studying this daily until September! It definitely covers all the bases

Awesome app

Being an Ohio guy it’s definitely hard to get out in the wild and listen to elk. This September will be my first DIY backcountry elk hunt and I’m positive this app will help.

Great app

This app is awesome! It so nice to be able to hear the different calling sequence and all the different sounds that elk make. Thanks for all your work you out into this!

Worth 10x the cost!

This app is extremely thorough and complete, yet amazingly simple to use. I hear there’s some cool additions and updates coming this next year as well. I’m excited to get in some good practice with the use of this amazing teaching tool!

BK Ammenwerth

Great app for the beginner to advanced elk hunter to understand elk language. For me I really liked to recount what happened during the day/hunt and see if I should’ve played my cards differently and if unsure see what call sequence to try out. Besides that I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Paul a bit...... there isn’t a better guy out there. Thanks

Most useful tool out there for the money!

This app is an awesome tool for a beginning elk hunter. Well worth the cost.


Fantastic app,

Game Changer No better calling app available

Thanks Paul! I first found you on the Rich Outdoors podcast and was blown away with your knowledge of calling. And to have all your years of experience wrapped into $4.99 is a steal. I was able to get more close encounters this season than ever before, all because of the app and what you have shared. I love the ease of access to the elk sounds and the sequences and to have it all on your phone even when you are not in cell service is priceless. Again thanks for what you have put together this app will change elk hunting and calling.

My first elk

Used the information from this app to harvest my first elk this year, also my first elk hunt. I am a bow hunter and this information was invaluable. I cow called, a bull chuckled and I responded back and moved in. 2 more times over 15 minutes and I he moved a bit toward me as well. 40 yards, dropped in his tracks. It all went exactly as described in the tips sections. Unbelievable! I am over the moon happy. 6x6 262 B&C

Must Have

Decided to pull the trigger on this app, mainly because you can NEVER be versed well enough in elk country. This app literally breaks down every question and uncertainty I've ever had in the field. Job very well done on this one. Must have for those who really know how to use diaphragms, and want to learn how to properly approach and entice opportunities.

This man speaks elk!

So much more than just calling. This is elk higher education! Quick, concise, and informative Paul and the Elknut crew have created THE app for the real elk hunter. Tips, actual sequences, audio that you can loop for practicing, and the first app that will tell you when to actually use the calls you're learning. Usable offline(think hunting camp)-for those hunting pals that sound like duck farts when they're calling. Also, no in app purchase B.S. and calls/videos/sequences added frequently with no extra charge.


By far the best elk calling breakdown. I have learned so much this off season and can't wait to put it to good use in a few days! Worth every penny!

Awesome app

Love this app, love the boys from Idaho and their passion and willingness to share information. Need more people like the Medel's. Called in a bull last year after listening to Paul explain how to call in a bull with cows using lip bawl. Worked perfectly, he came into 10yards directly behind me, I never saw him to windy to hear him until he saw me moving and blew out. But it worked exactly how he explained. Next morning called in a bull and my good friend harvested him at 10 yards using same calling tactics. I wnat to come observe you guys hunting one of theses years.....thank you.

Very Helpful

I love this app. It's great info with audio, written tips, and video from Paul. Only downside: it's almost 700 MB.

Great app for all Elk Hunters, worth every penny

If you have questions on really any thing elk calling related, this app is a great resource. I needed assurance of reed placement on the pallet and this had the answer. Also gives a great example of man made and wild elk sounds, glad I still have 60 days to use this before the backcountry so I'm ready to go!

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