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My first elk

Used the information from this app to harvest my first elk this year, also my first elk hunt. I am a bow hunter and this information was invaluable. I cow called, a bull chuckled and I responded back and moved in. 2 more times over 15 minutes and I he moved a bit toward me as well. 40 yards, dropped in his tracks. It all went exactly as described in the tips sections. Unbelievable! I am over the moon happy. 6x6 262 B&C

Must Have

Decided to pull the trigger on this app, mainly because you can NEVER be versed well enough in elk country. This app literally breaks down every question and uncertainty I've ever had in the field. Job very well done on this one. Must have for those who really know how to use diaphragms, and want to learn how to properly approach and entice opportunities.


Great info for the advanced hunter or the new guy trying too learn!! Looking forward too more info being added!! Keep it up.

This man speaks elk!

So much more than just calling. This is elk higher education! Quick, concise, and informative Paul and the Elknut crew have created THE app for the real elk hunter. Tips, actual sequences, audio that you can loop for practicing, and the first app that will tell you when to actually use the calls you're learning. Usable offline(think hunting camp)-for those hunting pals that sound like duck farts when they're calling. Also, no in app purchase B.S. and calls/videos/sequences added frequently with no extra charge.


By far the best elk calling breakdown. I have learned so much this off season and can't wait to put it to good use in a few days! Worth every penny!

Best elk hunting app money can buy

I absolutely loved this app. Great info and I was able to learn so much even being an experienced elk hunter. Best $4 I've ever spent!

Awesome app

Love this app, love the boys from Idaho and their passion and willingness to share information. Need more people like the Medel's. Called in a bull last year after listening to Paul explain how to call in a bull with cows using lip bawl. Worked perfectly, he came into 10yards directly behind me, I never saw him to windy to hear him until he saw me moving and blew out. But it worked exactly how he explained. Next morning called in a bull and my good friend harvested him at 10 yards using same calling tactics. I wnat to come observe you guys hunting one of theses years.....thank you.

Very Helpful

I love this app. It's great info with audio, written tips, and video from Paul. Only downside: it's almost 700 MB.

Great app for all Elk Hunters, worth every penny

If you have questions on really any thing elk calling related, this app is a great resource. I needed assurance of reed placement on the pallet and this had the answer. Also gives a great example of man made and wild elk sounds, glad I still have 60 days to use this before the backcountry so I'm ready to go!

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